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Machine Vision

Do you want to monitor processes, verify the quality of products, localize objects or navigate vehicles using optical information? By implementing machine vision, image sensors and artificial intelligence will support your operators by providing them relevant information and getting their attention when needed. Let your operators focus on the tough decisions and automate perception tasks to increase your uptime, stabilize your production and measure the quality of your products.

How we do it

At Kapernikov, we realize machine vision projects together with our clients. We approach each challenge starting from your goals and select technology independently. When no off-the-shelf solution can be found, we develop custom solutions. We have a strong background and extensive experience in industrial processes, supporting machine builders and asset management.

Kapernikov has extensive experience in all aspects of machine vision:

  • We use various 2D and 3D image capturing technologies, including area scan and line scan cameras, hyperspectral cameras, stereo vision, time-of-flight cameras and lidar.
  • We can detect objects or classify individual pixels or points using AI (deep learning), classical computer vision algorithms or a combination of both.
  • We know the secrets of TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, OpenCV and others, and know how they can solve your problem.
  • We process image data on the edge, in the cloud or using a hybrid approach, depending on the real-time requirements, available connectivity and power requirements of your particular application. Models on edge devices can be deployed automatically with a model trained and validated in the cloud.

We also have a network of partners with unparalleled knowledge in those fields that are not our core expertise: specialized optics, mechanical parts, UX and UI design, installation and maintenance of camera networks…

How we integrate it

You are probably not starting from scratch, so the perfect solution for your problem probably isn’t just another separate system. We integrate with your current ERP / MES systems and apply the latest scientific research in open source or commercial software. We can deploy a system on Azure and AWS, communicate with cameras in a Milestone or other VMS and make the conclusions of our algorithms available on the platform your operators are using right now.

We’re not tied to any technology, but use and combine the technologies that are best to solve your problem in your environment.

Our principles

To make our mission a successful one, we believe in a few simple yet non negotiable principles.

Small agile teams

To start with, we always work in small teams with polyvalent and highly skilled consultants. This ensures an efficient and flexible way of working.

We kiss

And by KISS we mean: ‘keep it simple, stupid’. Simplicity is key when it comes to the architecture of our platforms. And although technology is our first love, we always make sure the solution is not over-engineered. Of course, there is room to adopt new innovations when there is a need to. 

We automate

We automate. Did we already say we automate, as much as possible? Call it our natural way of doing things, one that pays off quickly. We use a modern devops methodology with a focus on low cost development and fast paced integration and deployment.

The art is in knowing the state of the art

As your partner in all things tech, we stay on top of things. We know the market’s in’s and out’s and, more importantly, we know how to use that knowledge to your benefit.

We blend in

Last but not least, we are team players: we embrace your technical staff. We make sure to make efficient use of your workforce to reduce our bill to you, if you like.

Cases using machine vision

Machine learning for optical sorting machines

Optimum Sorting designs and builds optical sorting machines for the food industry. Kapernikov helped them to use state-of-the-art machine learning in their new Cumulus platform, which enables them to offer their customers better sorting results and less downtime.

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Vision guided Autonomous Guided Vehicles for intralogistics

TVH Parts is the Belgian specialist in parts for material handling and industrial vehicles, and expert when it comes to motor drives and forklift mechanics. We are happy to announce that TVH joined forces with Kapernikov

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Vision guided Autonomous Guided Vehicles for intralogistics animatie

Deep learning applied for pose estimation

When it comes to logging the exact trajectory of an excavator, there are several solutions on the market. Kapernikov applies its expertise in computer vision and machine learning to track machine movements with speed and precision.

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Deep learning applied for pose estimation animatie

Devops for flexible embedded software development and deployment

No matter how similar sorting tasks are in the food industry, there will always be subtle differences between them. Kapernikov helps Optimum Sorting to manage the software development and deployment process for their optical sorting machines by using modern devops methodologies.

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Devops for flexible embedded software development and deployment animatie

Helmet detection for large industrial sites

Kapernikov developed a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a worldwide energy company, based on deep learning techniques, that enables to see whether people wear their safety helmets at work in designated areas.

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Helmet detection for large industrial sites animatie

Automatic vegetation detection for Infrabel

Kapernikov has developed a method to detect vegetation overgrowth alongside Belgium’s railway tracks. No luxury for railway operator Infrabel, since efficient vegetation management is critical for the safe operation of the railways.

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