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We are the team

Kapernikov is a team of consultants who specialize in Industry 4.0, data management and computer vision. Utility companies, grid operators and manufacturing companies call upon us to turn data into valuable information, so they can make better decisions.

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Working at Kapernikov probably isn’t for everyone. But if your passion for data, AI and computer vision is as big as ours, then you’re in for a treat with us. We are always looking for high-profile data specialists, computer vision wizards and other talented (software or other) engineers.

If you want to join Belgium’s finest in the fields of data and industry 4.0
If you want to test your talents in the real world on a great portfolio of customers
If you want to learn new things constantly…
… then we’d love to hear from you.

Right now, we are not actively hiring. But if you have skills that you think we cannot do without, then let us know.

  • Computer vision expert

    Kapernikov realizes the full scope of machine vision projects. Our main focus is software engineering. But we believe that machine vision projects can only be successful if the software developer understands the pitfalls of machine vision in real life cases. …
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  • Data engineer with a sniff of DevOps

    Are you attracted to beautiful models? Do you find data sexy (just like we do)? Then, without a doubt, you are the data scientist we are looking for. …
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  • Embedded C++ developer

    When it comes to talent, we’re quite picky here at Kapernikov. We’re not asking just anyone to help us shape the future of Industry 4.0. However, you might wonder whether you have it in you to become part of the Kapernikov team. Let’s see what you’re made of. …
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