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Machine vision

Give your machine or production process dedicated and always vigilant artificial operators in the form of image sensors and artificial intelligence. Let us support your operators to achieve superhuman powers to increase uptime, stabilize production and measure quality.

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Cloud architecture

Want to build innovative, data-driven products or services for industrial applications? Kapernikov helps you select and build the platforms and hybrid-cloud architectures you need to develop and scale your software solution effectively.

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Data science

Real-time data collected from your technical installations can guide your operations towards increased efficiency and productivity. We help you to gain insight into your operations fast, and to grab the opportunities for data-driven improvement with the most effective outcome.

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Scalable cloud architecture gears MYND up for the commercial market

Kapernikov offers a unique combination of expertise: they know AI and data science, and they can help you build a solid, cloud-native commercial product. They helped MYND to transform into a mature software development team.

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