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Industrial Localization

Position objects, robots and people down to the centimeter

Kapernikov helps companies to locate objects, robots and people in large-scale industrial environments. We use our KIPP platform to develop solutions that can position anything with centimeter-precision. Our positioning systems can be used in security applications or as a means to recover from mistakes in an intralogistics environment. We have in-house experts in the field of computer vision, robotics and autonomous vehicles who are able to help you detect people and objects on your factory floor or warehouse.

Avoid losing valuable time

How often does your pick & place machine fail as a result of inaccurate information in your Warehouse Management System? How often does a manual intervention result in breaking your material handling management system? With a position measurement system, you no longer need to lose valuable time recovering from these situations.

We build complete positioning systems by:

  • Configuring your system according to your needs
  • Integration of your security video management server
  • Combining all available data
  • Providing a visualization
  • Exposing an API to register for position updates

Positioning systems for industrial environments

We typically deliver turn-key projects for manufacturers or for complex warehouse and intralogistics environments. We share our knowledge about the latest evolutions in hardware and software and work together with your team to shorten your development cycle.

Our technologies

We use a combination of today’s state-of-the-art techniques to locate people, objects or vehicles, including:

  • Ultra-wideband positioning for precise positioning
  • Video-based object recognition and positioning for larger-scale projects
  • Visual odometry to locate autonomous vehicles or forklift trucks

Kapernikov Industrial Positioning Platform

Our proprietary Kapernikov Industrial Positioning Platform (KIPP) helps companies to position objects, robots and people in large-scale industrial environments. The core technology of KIPP is sensor data fusion from multiple different position measurements. The KIPP toolbox includes modules to interact with off-the-shelf position measurement techniques like UWB or our own video stream analysis.

KIPP architecture

  • A smart camera device ‘on the edge’ of the network
  • MS Azure IoT Hub and MS Azure cloud for storage & processing
  • Data visualization in a standard web browser

Our track record

Location-aware forklift trucks
Autonomous vehicles