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Data integration projects

Providing a clear view on data

Information about your assets can be available in many different sources: data that underpins maintenance, exploitation, accounting, simulations and incident analysis might all be stored in different systems with different viewing points. If you want an effective asset management program, then you need to get past the overwhelm and get a clear overview on all your data.

Kapernikov helps utility companies and manufacturers to combine data from various sources into an integrated view, enabling decision makers to get more insight into their data.

More data, more need for clarity

Due to the Internet of Things, data is created more easily than ever before. With the growing amount of data comes the increasing complexity of a growing number and variety of databases, software systems, stakeholders and user roles.

Adding to this complexity, a lot of these databases use data from each other. Due to extensive cross-linking between databases, it has become increasingly difficult to retrieve data that is complete, up to date, and even meaningful.

Kapernikov helps organizations to bring more clarity by integrating asset data from different sources.

This way, Kapernikov customers can:

  • Schedule maintenance work more efficiently
  • Predict equipment replacement needs with higher certainty
  • Plan upgrades more easily
  • Decide on equipment discontinuance