Hey, we’re Kapernikov

Data is what we do

Kapernikov is a team of consultants who specialize in Industry 4.0, data management and computer vision. Utility companies, grid operators and manufacturing companies call upon us to turn data into valuable information, so they can make better decisions.

We’re a small company that likes to keep it lean and flexible. We’re thinkers and doers and we are compatible with both managers and blue-collar workers. We can fulfill multiple roles for you, depending on what you need most: developer, analyst, scientist, engineer or project manager. Agility is in our DNA and we love challenging problems that require innovative solutions.

Where we come from

We started out in 2012, with three people that took an unhealthy interest in Industry 4.0. Along the way, we have been working with some of Belgium and Europe’s finest manufacturing and utility companies.

We haven’t stopped growing ever since and today we’re a team of about 40 people. However, we don’t grow for the sake of growth. We like to think that our success came from the fact that we love our customers, we do our best work for them, and therefore, they love us back.

Why we’re in it

Doing what we love

We are fortunate that we are able to do what we love and we are getting paid for it. Although we can rightfully call ourselves subject experts, we’re not afraid to admit that there’s always more to learn and always room for improvement. We hope that our passion for the job will resonate in our work.

Keeping it human

Work should not come at the expense of life and family. We believe that people who take care of themselves are better at work. And in return for their commitment, we take care of our people too. By keeping things human, and promoting an agreeable and friendly atmosphere.

Managers of one

Fancy job titles, multiple management layers. That’s not how we roll. Instead, we like managers of one. People who execute on their own goals. People who don’t need to be directed on a daily basis. We believe that personal growth comes from a combination of opportunities and taking matters in your own hands.

Making an impact

You can make a difference, even if you’re a small company. That’s why we don’t have company cars. Instead, we stimulate our people to come to work by bike or public transport. Or we give them the opportunity to work from home and skip traffic altogether.

Meet our team

Let’s get to know each other

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