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Machine vision

Machine learning

We optimize your processes based on data

Kapernikov uses your data to improve production processes or installations. We apply machine learning techniques to learn from the data your sensors are collecting. This allows us to recognize objects in a video, extract information from images or video, localize anomalies, find patterns in large data sets and much more.

Manufacturers and companies with a large amount of technical assets are our kind of customers.

Our machine learning and deep learning capabilities have helped many of them to:

  • Make a manufacturing process more efficient
  • Speed up a process
  • Monitor a process
  • Automate process quality measurement
  • Predict when maintenance will be needed

Our machine learning capabilities

Our team of machine learning consultants can:

  • Create and train neural networks
  • Deploy machine learning models in the cloud or on the edge
  • Estimate feasibility by creating proofs of concept

Machine Learning is based on artificial neural networks. Depending on the type of network used, we can help to:

  • Classify patterns in images or data streams
  • Recognize objects
  • Segment data

Working with your data

There is no one perfect way to work with your data. Depending on your requirements, we use the techniques that guarantee the best results, be it a convolutional neural network, deep learning or another variation.

When using a supervised approach, we can:

  • Annotate manually
  • Use classic computer vision techniques to automate the annotation process
  • Render visualizations of an object from CAD designs

Data mining is an unsupervised machine learning technique, useful to figure out what information is hidden in a huge amount of data.

Data mining can be helpful for:

  • Setting up a computation cluster
  • Data governance
  • Data analytics and data management
  • Retention policy and stream processing
  • Data clustering

Our machine learning track record

Vegetation detection
Quality control
Object tracking from a moving robot
Anomaly detection to localize defects