ETL & data cleaning consultant wanted

Published on: February 22, 2017

At Kapernikov, we help our customers manage their data better. By our customers, we mean companies that build and manage large infrastructure and complex manufacturing companies.

When it comes to managing databases, we are a tower of strength. We deploy data cleansing campaigns in order to bring the corporate databases up to date again. We help our clients build new applications by providing them with high-quality data. We organize master data management, and we manage the ETL process like a boss. We use top-notch visualization and machine learning techniques, but we’re not averse to low-tech Post-it meetings either. In short, data management at Kapernikov is fun, but also serious business.

Have we wetted your appetite yet with the above-mentioned description? Are you attracted to beautiful models? Do you find data sexy (just like we do)? Then, without a doubt, you are the ETL/data cleaning consultant we are looking for.

Your responsibility:

  • You make sure our customers have correct, complete and timely data about their infrastructure across various databases.
  • You analyze our customers’ requests and the quality of their data, and you provide feedback about the feasibility of their requirements.
  • You visualize data, so our customers obtain insight into their data quality.
  • You extract, convert and feed data into our target systems. You are not discouraged when things get difficult, but you take initiative in an inventive and systematic way.
  • You specify and build tools for data migration. Your accurate, complete and timely cut-over plan makes our customers happy.
  • You manage your project the SCRUM way and you send out a warning when the requests are impossible to fulfill.

This is the guy/gal we are looking for:

  • You have a university degree in informatics. Or you are a bachelor with a first working experience. Even better: you can convince us with your code on GitHub.
  • You know your database stuff. SQL has no secrets for you. Pandas, Cassandra and Mongo ring more than a bell. And you can surprise us with a lot more of that database-gobbledygook.
  • You can program in a number of languages, you use a system for version management and you implement your stuff seamlessly in a production environment.
  • You are a data geek. For you, databases are more than just records and tables. You understand that you are working with valuable information that people rely on every day.
  • You are communicative, punctual and organized.
  • You speak French or Dutch fluently, and you can express yourself in the other national language.
  • You are prepared to work your way into our customers’ plans and database systems. A first experience with a large infrastructure operator is a plus.
  • You can fully engage yourself in a project. Change or unexpected tasks are a challenge for you.
  • You will commit yourself to Kapernikov on a full-time basis.

Our offer:

  • A job with a lot of variation, in a pleasant working environment, within walking distance of Brussels Midi station.
  • A competitive salary and many fringe benefits.
  • Education and training to perform your job well.
  • Room for initiative and the necessary feedback that will make you a better consultant.
  • A vibrant atmosphere with room for new ideas, experimentation and cross-fertilization with other Kapernikov consultants.