Data cleansing

Accurate data to support business decisions

High-quality data enables your organization to make better business decisions. Keeping your data accurate, consistent and up to date across systems and departments will allow you to save time, money and resources. Data cleansing is just one critical step in the entire process of data quality management.


Kapernikov specializes in data cleansing campaigns for utilities and large manufacturing companies. We enable our customers to bring their corporate databases up to date again. In addition, we help our clients to build new applications by providing them with high-quality data and we manage the ETL process from a to z.

Data cleansing services

  • We analyze the quality of your data across multiple dimensions.
  • We correct, complete and update data across various databases, either manually and/or by means of automated scripts.
  • We visualize data in order to get better insight into data quality.
  • We extract, convert and feed data into target systems.
  • We specify and build tools for data migration.
  • We do field inspections to capture and verify your asset data.

Data cleansing for utilities and manufacturers

At Kapernikov, we help our customers manage their data more efficiently. We especially like to work for companies that build, manage and maintain large infrastructures, such as utilities and manufacturing companies.