Master Data Management

Reach your strategic goals with data you can trust

Working with critical company data in real time implies that your data is always accurate, consistent and up to date. Faulty data can quickly spread in your company and result in problems piling up. Multiple versions of the same data in different parts of your operations can lead to people distrusting your data or not using the data at all.

Kapernikov helps your organization to manage your master data (technical assets, products, employees, suppliers, maintenance, etc.) more efficiently. Working towards a single version of the truth, we make sure that your operations are based on accurate and consistent data across all your company systems. Based on data you can trust, your company will be better equipped to control costs, manage assets more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction.

Kapernikov can help you:

  • Maintain data quality throughout your organization
  • Organize your data processes more efficiently
  • Select the most appropriate technology systems for your operations
  • Start or improve data governance

Master data management services

We help you optimize the master data within your organization through a wide variety of services.

  • Data cleansing: We remove redundant, inconsistent or inaccurate records from your data set.
  • Inventory campaigns: We validate data in the field.
  • Data migration: We move data from multiple systems into a single, integrated version, according to best practices.
  • We perform ongoing maintenance on your datasets.
  • We review, select and implement technologies to support your master data management.
  • We design data and information models, and make glossaries.
  • We improve business processes, especially where data is involved.

Master data management for utilities

Utility companies need correct and accurate data, consistent across databases and delivered in real time. Kapernikov specializes in data management for utilities and has a thorough knowledge of asset management and data management processes. We use complex analytics and mathematical models to mine rich data sources, allowing organizations to gain true value from their data.