A few solved cases

Organizing master data management at Elia

Elia is Belgium’s high-voltage transmission system operator (30kV to 380kV), operating over 8,000km of lines and underground cables throughout Belgium. Historically, each department had its own inventory of the infrastructure with its own team of clerks trying to keep their data up to date with daily changes to the network.

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Creating a unified view using GIS visualisation

Historically, three different databases modeling the Belgian railway grid have been created. They contain more than 8,800km of tracks and over 11,800 railroad switches. Two of those databases were created to support a specific process, so with an emphasis on ‘making things work’ rather than on accurately modeling the situation in the field. They contained rails, switches and equipment spread across the grid. Our mission was to reconcile these databases to build a 360° view on the assets.

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Ensuring data readiness for Infrabel Asset Management

To run the maintenance of its installations more efficiently, Infrabel is rolling out an SAP EAM system across the entire technical workforce. Since 2012, Kapernikov has been ensuring the readiness of all master data used in the SAP EAM system.

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