Our new legion of talents is here

Published on: November 27, 2018

You know that we cannot get enough of data. But it seems that data cannot get enough of us either. Yes, our company is growing like a weed, which is why we are excited to welcome five (yes, five!) new data specialists to the Kapernikov household. Let’s see what they are and have been up to.

For some of our talents, there seems to be a straight path from school to Kapernikov. For others, coming to Kapernikov is a result of life’s twists and turns. What’s your story?

Nick De Smet: I have been hired as a freelance data analyst for a data transition project at Atrias. I studied computer sciences in Ghent, but my main experience is front-end development. With Kapernikov, I wanted to move away from visualization and explore the world of data.

Samvel Narayan: I am working as a data consultant for Infrabel. I have a bachelor in management and a master in financial engineering. After my studies in Armenia, I worked as a sports bookmaker, which is not such a detour, when you come to think of it. Bookmaking also has a lot to do with data and statistics. I arrived in Belgium three years ago. Since then, I have been focusing on learning Dutch and honing my skills as a programmer.

My experience as a sports bookmaker introduced me to data and statistics.

Nathanaël Syx: I work as a data analyst and have about nine years’ experience in the financial sector. I have a master’s degree in business management and worked in Luxemburg and Argentina. My data experience mainly relates to the development and analysis of financial models.

Karel Van Camp: Before Kapernikov, I have been working at the data warehouse of a global logistics and engineering company. I have enjoyed an education of sculptor. This might seem strange at first, although during my sculpting days I was working a lot with fractals and the concept of recursion, which are very important concepts in computer science. My interest for computer science was always there. Over the years I have been schooling myself in the art of programming through self-education.

Ludovic Santos: I studied at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and got my PhD in quantum chemistry. This job as data consultant at Kapernikov is my first position in the private sector. Today, I’m supporting the back office of Infrabel with the right tools to manage the company’s assets.

Tell us what you hoped to find at Kapernikov.

Nathanaël Syx: My preference for coding and the intention to return to Belgium led me here, although Kapernikov is a company of engineers more than one of coders pur sang. I was also attracted by the company’s combination of skills: data, machine learning, computer vision…

My love for data and Python led me to Kapernikov.

Karel Van Camp: My love for data and Python brought me to Kapernikov. I have always been interested in how companies look at data and how data is structured. It’s a bit like solving a puzzle.

Ludovic Santos: I was looking for a job in data, preferably in the industrial sector. Up to now, I already enjoyed the variety of training we have been offered. An additional benefit for me is that I can work with maps again, because I have always been fascinated by geography, maps and travel.

Why would you recommend your fellow data geeks to come over to Kapernikov?

Nick De Smet: The company’s flexible approach and focus on learning is quite refreshing. If you join Kapernikov, you will certainly have the opportunity to learn from others.

The company’s flexible approach and focus on learning are quite refreshing.

Karel Van Camp: Kapernikov is a small, but ambitious company. And what I particularly like about it is that there is no management overhead and company politics here. In fact, our management knows their stuff too: they’re data experts just like the rest of us. If you don’t want every day to be the same and if you want to learn a lot, then Kapernikov is a great place to work.

Samvel Narayan: I love the work and the atmosphere here. And there’s a good work-life balance, so you can still spend time with your family or hobbies after a full day of data work.