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Published on: March 11, 2019

Today, IT professionals are spoilt with job market opportunities. position as consultant is always an attractive option, because it allows you to work for many different companies. But not all consultancy companies are created equal.

Just like many other IT consulting companies, Kapernikov offers consultants the opportunity to work for various interesting customers. However, we like to think that working at Kapernikov is a little different, in at least three ways.

1.  You are part of a team.

Working for a Kapernikov customer means collaborating with a team of experts who share the same unhealthy interest for all things data. Being part of a team is not only fun, it’s also more efficient and productive. It enables you to learn from your network of colleagues and grow as a professional. For the customer, a team of experts is beneficial as well, because more brains equals better outcomes.

2. You have a custom growth path.

At Kapernikov, you are allowed to grow at your own pace. We invest in training for our coworkers, and not only in training that is related to your specific assignment. One of the cool things about Kapernikov is that we like to stay on top of the latest technologies and trends. That’s why we offer our team members many opportunities to learn new skills in in-house developed trainings and self-organized hackathons.

3. You are making an impact.

Kapernikov clients need your brains, not just your presence. We don’t imply this in any human-eating-monster kind of way. What we mean is that we expect you to come up with solutions for our customers’ problems.

Sometimes, those solutions will require our consultants to dig a little deeper into the world of data processing, master data management, computer vision or the internet of things. At Kapernikov, you are part of a team that offers our customers a one-stop shop for those needs.

Ready for the journey?

When it comes to talent, we are quite picky at Kapernikov. But once we have reeled you into our little nets, we will do everything we can to make it worth your stay. This means that, as a Kapernikov consultant, you will enjoy all the support you need and you will be able to rely on a team of great colleagues to accompany you along the journey.

Does a job at Kapernikov appeal to you? Then have a look at our current vacancies.