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When you develop your own data-driven software product, or you want to scale your software service, it’s easy to get confused about the many architecture and platform options. And even when you’re confident about this, you may not have the resources to implement your plans fast and efficiently. Kapernikov can be your partner along the way, helping you to deliver a quality product or service in a predictable and cost-effective way.

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Your foundation for faster and reliable software development

Kapernikov helps you select and build the platforms and hybrid-cloud architectures you need to develop your software solution effectively. As specialists in Kubernetes development, we offer you the fastest and most cost-effective route to a reliable data platform that will support your software solution for years.

When you team up with Kapernikov, you get:

  • Trusted expertise in a wide range of technologies, ranging from data & platform connectivity to deep learning, AI and edge deployment.
  • Today’s state of the art, helping you to get ahead of your competitors.
  • Ownership over your IP: we hand over our knowledge, so you can maintain your application well into the future.
  • The best technology selection for your project: We do not depend on any platform or cloud vendor.
  • We collaborate and co-develop with your team, effectively transferring our expertise.
  • An efficient workflow: We use the latest DevOps methodologies, and we automate as much as possible (builds, tests, deployments, documentation). This enables you to develop and evolve your service/product faster and more reliably. And your operations benefit from this knowledge, even long after we’re gone.
  • Focus on edge / on-prem infrastructure when needed.
  • Built-in security in our proposed architectures and solutions.

Our principles

To make our mission a successful one, we believe in a few simple yet non negotiable principles.

Small agile teams

To start with, we always work in small teams with polyvalent and highly skilled consultants. This ensures an efficient and flexible way of working.

We kiss

And by KISS we mean: ‘keep it simple, stupid’. Simplicity is key when it comes to the architecture of our platforms. And although technology is our first love, we always make sure the solution is not over-engineered. Of course, there is room to adopt new innovations when there is a need to. 

We automate

We automate. Did we already say we automate, as much as possible? Call it our natural way of doing things, one that pays off quickly. We use a modern devops methodology with a focus on low cost development and fast paced integration and deployment.

The art is in knowing the state of the art

As your partner in all things tech, we stay on top of things. We know the market’s in’s and out’s and, more importantly, we know how to use that knowledge to your benefit.

We blend in

Last but not least, we are team players: we embrace your technical staff. We make sure to make efficient use of your workforce to reduce our bill to you, if you like.

Customer testimonials

Kapernikov is not just an integrator of one technology, but thinks along with us about what we need business-wise and then proposes the best solution.

Remco (Micrelec)

Kapernikov helped us evolve from a bunch of data scientists who are scripting a prototype together to a software team that writes professional software for the business world. 

Jelle (Creax / Mynd)

I just wanted to let you know that yesterday’s workshop was amazing! 

It was an eye opener, I learned a lot, not only technically but especially about what is possible nowadays, and how fast things can go when you work with experts who take on their responsibilities without limitations.

Anthony (Confidential customer)

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