Hybrid cloud architecture

Take control of your growth

Running your software project on on-premise hardware has its limits. On the other hand, scaling through a public cloud service may result in unforeseen rising costs. A hybrid cloud architecture offers the best of both worlds, and helps you to remain flexible and scale your software project in a controlled way. Kapernikov can be your experienced guide along your hybrid cloud journey, from conceptualization and technology selection to implementation.

We can help you to:

  • Make a reliable technology decision based on your needs, roadmap and strategy
  • Implement your hybrid cloud architecture from A to Z
  • Integrate on-premise legacy tools with SaaS or IaaS solutions.

Hybrid cloud: the best of both worlds

Developing your software product on an on-premise IT infrastructure may offer the advantage of greater control over computing resources and more security over your business-critical data. However, an on-premise architecture can be costly to scale and may stand in the way of your growth. Making use of public cloud services may hold the promise of easier scaling, but going all out for a managed service provider also involves risk: 

  • License costs may run up quickly. 
  • Your cloud service may not be adapted to your fluctuating demands
  • Your cloud service may lack performance, especially if it requires the transfer of large data amounts.
  • Your cloud may not be secure enough for your critical data.

By setting up a hybrid cloud, you can combine the power of the cloud with on-premise resources. Kapernikov has expertise in both on-premise and cloud technologies. This allows us to develop the most suited hybrid cloud architecture, based on your needs.

Hybrid cloud experts

Kapernikov helps your organization to set up a hybrid cloud architecture based on a thorough analysis of your needs and plans. Since we are a vendor-independent company, you are always sure of the most efficient mix of on-premise and cloud services. 

We can also support you during the implementation phase. Our experts love to work side by side with your team, and we make sure you can deliver a commercially sound SaaS in the shortest time frame.

Hybrid cloud technologies we are using