Cloud-native application development

From POC to production in no time

Cloud-native architectures allow you to build your software application fast, scale more efficiently in function of your ambitions, and innovate more easily with the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Kapernikov can help you to build your cloud-native application based on the latest technology developments.

We can help you to:

  • Design, build and release your cloud-native application 
  • Define the most suited architecture for your application 
  • Upskill your team on cloud-native and DevOps best practices

Cloud-native development: save time and costs

Cloud-native applications are built specifically for the cloud – be it private, public or a combination of both. In contrast to traditional, monolithic architectures, they consist of different software components (microservices) that talk to each other and that can scale independently. This allows you to be more flexible and grow depending on your needs. Kapernikov helps you to bring your application to the market fast while keeping costs under control.

Cloud-native and DevOps

Cloud-native application development is inextricably linked with continuous integration/delivery and with DevOps, a philosophy that promotes collaboration between operations and development specialists in order to come to better results. As we are developing your cloud-native application with you, we can also help you to bring the CI/CD and DevOps skills of your team to a higher level.

Cloud-native experts

Kapernikov offers a unique combination of experience in industrial environments and expertise on cloud-native application development. This makes us the ideal partner to talk to if you need to bring your industrial software applications faster to the market.

Cloud-native technologies we are using