Information management / organization change

The right information, when and where you need it

Information is everywhere and abundantly available nowadays. Still, nobody wants to spend much time and resources looking for information. That is why your organization needs to be able to get the right information at the right time in front of the right audience in the most efficient way. Kapernikov can help you keep your information up to date and make sure your information systems are organized efficiently.

We help your organization to translate strategic goals into…

  • Optimized information systems
  • Smoother IT processes
  • More efficient management structures

Information management services

We thoroughly analyze how information is managed in your organization. Based on that research, we make recommendations for the selection and implementation of the most appropriate information systems and organizational structures. We have expert knowledge on information systems for manufacturers and utilities, including Enterprise Asset Management systems.

Information management is people business

Working on information management needs the support from C-level management, as well as from people in the field. More than working on IT or database systems, the added value of Kapernikov in information management projects is working with the people in the business who are behind the entire process. Kapernikov takes the time to build relationships with people in your organization, which increases the chance of broadly supported changes. We also train your workforce to become familiar with the policies, processes, technologies and best practices in information management, and we foster data governance throughout the data life cycle.