Enterprise Asset Management Systems


Accurate master data for your asset management system

Kapernikov helps utility and manufacturing companies with large infrastructures to set up an enterprise asset management system or CMMS based on accurate master data.

Enterprise Asset Management Systems (EAM) or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) help organizations to manage assets and schedule maintenance jobs. A CMMS will allow companies to automate a lot of time-consuming tasks related to maintenance management and reporting.

A CMMS enables companies to:

  • Improve uptime
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Facilitate preventive and predictive maintenance

Accurate data for CMMS

However, in order to extract useful information from a CMMS, asset data should be accurate and complete. Based on its data management and asset management expertise, Kapernikov helps companies to implement their CMMS with the right master data, so that they can obtain the highest return on information.

Kapernikov enables customers to get more value out of asset data, by:

  • Improving data quality in all processes of the organization
  • Closing data loopholes
  • Improving data access and data architecture
  • Ensuring accurate data entry and manipulation
  • Facilitating automation and machine assistance during data entry
  • Organizing worry-free data migration from legacy systems