Kapernikov’s user-friendly reporting tool wins Asset Performance 4.0 hackathon

Published on: October 14, 2020

Kapernikov is proud to have won the Fluvius challenge of the Asset Performance 4.0 hackathon organized by BEMAS. Kapernikov was able to convince the jury with its user-friendly reporting tool for asset data collection to be used by Fluvius technicians.

Leading up to the Asset Performance 4.0 conference, BEMAS organized three different hackathons about recent topics in maintenance. Kapernikov joined one of the hackathons dedicated to Fluvius.

The Belgian energy company was looking for a low-cost and easy-to-use tool that makes it possible to report asset anomalies and failures, including photos of assets in the field, and to extract the collected data in a common data format. Kapernikov built and demonstrated a solution based on Open Data Kit that convinced the jury on its user-friendliness, easy integration and flexibility.

“The Kapernikov solution best suited our current needs, on a technical level as well as for our users. The ‘fit for purpose’ of the challenge is clearly present in the technical side of the proposal, without compromising on the other needs such as user-friendliness and the monitoring of data quality. ” – Andy Gouwy (Fluvius)

“We are glad to have taken the prize home,” says Patrick Steegstra, one of the hackathon team members. “I believe our experience in the field of asset data collection has really made the difference. Also, we were able to offer a convincing demo of our solution, which was the best way to show that we had the solution to Fluvius’ problem.”

Not your regular hackathon

If you have ever joined a hackathon, then you can probably imagine a group of people flocking together around a laptop screen, toiling away under the threat of a looming deadline.

But this time, it was different. For starters, Asset Performance 4.0 was a virtual conference and webinar series, and the hackathon participants were given a few months prior to the event to work on their projects.

“Nevertheless, we had a feeling of togetherness while our team of two was working on the hackathon,” says Patrick. “Ludovic Santos and I regularly put our virtual heads together to discuss the project, and we were backed up by our colleague Frank Dekervel, who gave us valuable feedback.”

Reporting tool for field asset data collection

As we were working on our proposal, we decided to focus on three things: data quality, simplicity and user friendliness, while keeping in mind the temporary nature of the required solution. Based on our experience with in-the-field asset data collection and with Open Data Kit, we designed a workflow and picked tooling that would be easy and cost effective to deploy. We wanted to make the collection of quality data as straightforward as possible. We presented a standardized workflow that spans the entire process, from creating surveys, filling them out in the field and processing them automatically, all the way to generating reports.

“During our preparations, it was not always easy to see which criteria would convince the jury,” says Ludovic. “But by developing a fully working demo, we were able to convince the jury of the easy deployability and user-friendliness of our solution.”

“Winning this hackathon and Fluvius challenge proves that Kapernikov can take on difficult asset data collection challenges,” says Patrick. “We approached this competition in a very pragmatic way. The tool which we have developed for Fluvius technicians, and which enabled us to win, might not have all the bells and whistles, but it definitely was the best solution to the customer’s problem. Ultimately, that’s what it is all about.”

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