Kapernikov 2.0.18

Published on: February 8, 2018

On Friday, January 26, Kapernikov organized its first team day of 2018. At Kapernikov we attach great importance to these meetings, which we organize twice a year. As a consultancy company it is not always easy to create a collegial atmosphere, because our consultants work at different companies across Belgium. Nevertheless, this social aspect is something we really want to work on.

On this team day, next to a reception and a photo shoot for our new website, we organized an Italian cooking workshop. During the preparation of two pasta dishes, our consultants got to know each other in a different way. The cozy and delicious dinner afterwards was an ideal way of catching up.

Team days are also the moment when our consultants can present their ongoing projects. We think it is important to also pay attention to the substantive aspect during these days. This way, our consultants know what their colleagues are doing and they get to know each other’s expertise. During the team day’s reception, we also made a demo setup of a LiDAR. Few people come into contact with this piece of top technology, which is why this setup attracted considerable attention.

In summary? A successful edition. On to the next Kapernikov team day!