Customized computer vision & machine learning

Published on: January 15, 2018

From automated quality inspection tasks to robots working together with people, Kapernikov can develop the algorithms and build a proof-of-concept. As machine vision integrator, we help machines to detect objects in an image, estimate their position and handle them with care, all capabilities that are evident to human beings. This capability relies on a wide range of sensors, from hyperspectral cameras to time-of-flight sensors. By turning all this sensor data into useful information, Kapernikov enables industries to make better automated decisions.

Kapernikov can help you with:

  • Physical and optical system design
  • Real-time image acquisition and data transmission
  • Algorithms tailored to your needs
  • Integration of computer vision into your robots or production process

Supporting your production environment

Kapernikov has a strong affinity with the world of industrial automation. Our intelligent software applications already solved several challenges in a wide variety of manufacturing environments.

Our track record:

  • Image-based object recognition and localization
  • Image segmentation and classification
  • Stereovision, 2,5D and 3D measurement
  • Robot control for picking and manipulation

How we work

Getting to know you

Before starting the engineering phase, we go through a thorough study round, so we can get familiarized with your business and technology. Truly understanding your technology is the only way to bring solutions that go beyond the obvious.

Engineering the agile way

We quickly iterate, test and gather feedback, so we can go from problem definition to proof-of-concept in the most efficient way.

Technology independent

We are open to any technology, as long as it is the right technology for you, be it commercial or open source, off-the-shelf or tailor-made.

Data first

We are all about data: from data collection to rendering our own training data for machine learning purposes. But we also use data to show the accuracy of a result in a test setup or to monitor your application remotely.

A team of problem solvers

At Kapernikov, we’re proud of the track record we’ve established so far. But we’re even more excited about the many opportunities that lay ahead. If you need creative engineering brains, business organization, IT architecture or implementation skills, then our team of problem solvers is only one call away.

  • More than 10 years of software development experience
  • A group of 20 motivated specialists
  • An all-round engineering team, ranging from computer scientists to mechatronics specialists
  • A proven track record with respected brands: Elia, Audi, Fluxys