Ezechiël Syx

Published on: March 21, 2018

Getting through a first job experience can be tough. Naturally, not everyone has years of work experience. Luckily for Ezechiël, Kapernikov considers motivation and learning attitude to be equally important as a long resume.

Opportunities for those who pursue them

Robots, computer vision, artificial intelligence… This might sound like science fiction to many, but actually, it’s the daily bread for Ezechiël Syx at Kapernikov. Today, Ezechiël is working as a data consultant for an international machine builder. He develops data analytics algorithms and artificial intelligence solutions for our customers striving to build the factory of the future.

“I got acquainted with Kapernikov through an internship,” says Ezechiël. “By working together with them during this internship, I gradually got to know the company culture. I love how the company is working in small teams and how it is agile like a start-up. But at the same time, Kapernikov still gives you the opportunity to explore things in more depth.”


Ezechiël Syx

Current Position:

Data consultant at Kapernikov


Bachelor Computer Science

Recommends Kapernikov:

to junior profiles who are motivated

Great projects, lots of variation

“It’s great to get the opportunity to work for great clients,” says Ezechiël. “There’s a lot of variety in my work. Not one day is the same as the previous one. You also have the chance to put your knowledge into practice. This is very different from my university days, where abstract theory prevailed.”

Also juniors and fresh graduates get a chance at Kapernikov.

Opportunities at Kapernikov

There are definitely career opportunities at Kapernikov, according to Ezechiël Syx, even for junior profiles like him, who don’t have many years of professional experience.

“All of us at Kapernikov have a knack for IT and data, but not all of us actually have an IT degree,” says Ezechiël. “In fact, we are a very diverse group of talents, which is very refreshing. So, yes, I think there are definitely opportunities for those who pursue them, for IT and other specialists, for juniors and seniors.”