Making your asset insights visual: Asset Performance hackathons finished & submitted

Published on: June 16, 2020

It has been confirmed that the Asset Performance Conference will take place virtually from September 15 to 17, 2020. We are looking forward to being present and sharing how to optimize asset management.

Meanwhile, it’s time for the grand finale: the BEMAS Asset Performance 4.0 hackathons are coming to a close. To our surprise, the deadlines were extended by two weeks. So, we had a little more time to fine-tune our submissions.

The final touches

For the Fluvius case, we added a small Flask application to view filled in surveys as a report.

For the Aquafin case, we took the opportunity to try some different analyses.


For surveying, we got the whole pipeline down in a live demo. We set up a ODK-Central server to host and distribute surveys as well as collect the data after filling. As a demo, people can use the ODK-collect app to connect to the server, grab blank surveys, fill them and send them back. The results can then be collected in excel or viewed online.


For pump failure detection, we used the extra time to look into a different approach for the data treatment. We used some engineering knowledge, dove into the literature and started looking to detect wear over time for specific pumps. In addition, we looked for unexpected decreases in efficiency because of clogging and other sudden impacts.

A malfunctioning pump in Aquafin pump station 1911. During a high inflow period (2019-08-14, around midnight), the flow is below what is expected for the provided current. (Picture from our Grafana tool)

In addition, we built a nice monitoring platform that provides a convenient presentation of the time series, along with the alarm and maintenance data, and our detections of malfunction events. This tool could be provided to operators as a complete solution where, whenever outliers appear, alarms get triggered.

It’s a wrap

With two live demos up and running, and our reports written, all we needed to do was run some spell checks before wrapping things up and submitting. As a next step, the asset owners will choose which companies can present their cases live on the last day of the Asset Performance 4.0 virtual Conference. We’ll keep you posted.


Patrick Steegstra

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