Moustafa Ayoub

Published on: November 22, 2021

Machine learning may seem like an intangible concept to many, but for Moustafa Ayoub, computer vision consultant at Kapernikov, it’s a technology that can solve practical, everyday problems. Fortunately for Moustafa, solving tough challenges by means of machine learning is exactly what he can do all day.

Solving real problems

Moustafa joined the Kapernikov ranks in June 2021. At that time, he already had two years of machine learning experience under his belt, and before joining the job market, he managed to get his Master’s degree in Electronics and Information Technology Engineering at VUB in Brussels. It’s during those years that he developed a serious interest in machine learning, and had to opportunity to work on several machine learning projects.

“What I like so much about machine learning is that it can make things easier for people. In machine learning we quantify things that at first sight do not seem quantifiable, and this allows us to solve real problems for companies, and make machines perform tedious tasks that people don’t like to do. With my knack for practicality, I have always been more interested in the product side of things rather than in pure research about machine learning.”

One of the projects Moustafa has been able to work on is the Telraam project, where Kapenikov developed an algorithm to estimate city traffic on a cost-effective edge computing chip. “Notwithstanding the practical and budget-related constraints of this project, we managed to deliver an advanced machine learning solution to a tough problem.”


Moustafa Ayoub

Current Position:

Computer Vision Consultant


Master in Electronics and Information Technology Engineering

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Feedback makes you grow

When joining Kapernikov, Moustafa arrived at a flat organization: no middle management, no strict hierarchical structure. “In the beginning, I was afraid that this might not work for me. It’s feedback from others that makes you grow as a professional. Fortunately, a flat structure does not mean that you don’t get constructive feedback on what you do, and that you cannot signal what you want to do different in your work. The great thing about Kapernikov is that you get responsibility in your job. You don’t have to just carry out the directions of some upper management.”

“Another thing I love about Kapernikov? It may sound trivial, but it’s not to me. In my team, everyone speaks English, although a lot of my colleagues are native Dutch-speakers. Even when you are joining a conversation with Dutch speakers, they will switch over to English to make you feel included.”

People business

Moustafa sees a bright future at Kapernikov, but also many opportunities for personal growth: “For one thing, I want to become more proficient in MLOps. But I would also like to evolve towards a consultancy role, where I work directly with customers. I am an outgoing, talkative person, and working with people is what I love to do.”