Computer vision expert

Published on: February 19, 2021

What we do at Kapernikov

Kapernikov realizes the full scope of machine vision projects. Our main focus is software engineering. But we believe that machine vision projects can only be successful if the software developer understands the pitfalls of machine vision in real life cases. Therefore, we:

  • make sure we understand the need of a client,
  • dive into the technical characteristics of machine vision hardware,
  • design software architecture,
  • set up and use cloud and edge infrastructure,
  • develop data driven image processing algorithms,
  • deploy those algorithms where value is created.

How you fit in

The typical engineer at Kapernikov is driven to learn and solve the real needs of our clients. That works best with direct contact with the different stakeholders and a hands-on attitude.

But we acknowledge that each component of a solution requires expert knowledge to go the extra mile for our clients. So we have competence teams that build and maintain specific expertise.

We are looking to strengthen our machine learning team with a computer vision expert. We’d like to welcome you when you have the theoretical background or relevant experience and the motivation and talent to excel in this domain.

Together with your team members, you will follow up with the state of art in the domain of computer vision. And you will actively participate in end client projects.

Preferably, you have:

  • A technical master degree
  • Project experience
  • Experience with computer vision
  • Hands on experience with Python and/or C++
  • A theoretical background in artificial intelligence

Convince us of your skills:

  • Show us that you know how to program and deploy an AI model.
  • Send in a Github link, demo a self-made program.
  • Our clients usually explain their problems from an operational standpoint. Our solutions however tend to get very technical. If you can build the bridge between those two worlds or if you have it in you to become our technical wizard, then you might just get the job.

What we offer:

  • Challenging problems that require your innovative mindset
  • A friendly team of experts to spar with
  • Valuable feedback and a fostering learning environment
  • The occasional lemonade after work
  • The chance to get paid to do what you love
  • Location: we have our HQ in Brussels, our clients are located all over Belgium. Currently, we are all working from home, of course.

Getting excited already? Let’s get in touch.