Senior Software Engineer

Published on: February 6, 2023

Kapernikov is looking for enthusiastic senior software engineers to solve its clients’ operational challenges.
Getting scientific breakthroughs work with real world data.

We are Kapernikov

Kapernikov innovates together with its customers to get the most out of their data. Since our establishment in 2011, we have steadily grown to a versatile team of about 35 enthusiastic people.

Our customers are mainly companies in the industries of utilities, manufacturing and machine building. We build data-intensive and machine vision applications to make industrial jobs safer, to deliver better production quality and to use assets optimally during their lifetime.

We approach each challenge starting from our customer’s goals and select the most appropriate technology for each project. When an off-the-shelf solution cannot be found, we develop customized solutions. We love to work in teams of both Kapernikov and customer colleagues, so we can benefit from the cross-pollination of our different backgrounds and experiences.

Kapernikov is managed using the principles of Sociocracy 3.0, where everyone has a say. Work-life balance is not a mere buzzword but our way of life.

We’re looking for a lead developer / software architect

Building the applications we build takes a lot of skills. While the AI aspect of these applications is in the spotlight nowadays, the software engineering challenges are as important for the success of a project: good software design, performance, professional deployment, scalability or a kick-ass data model.

Kapernikov is looking for reinforcement here: we are looking for a senior software engineer that can take the role of lead developer / architect in a project.

Your tasks would be:

  • Going from zero to a project: laying the technical foundations for a new project, going from the initial design to the set-up of a git repository, and getting started working on them with a team of colleagues
  • Taking part in the communication with the customer: explaining difficult design challenges in a language suitable for non-technical people, eliminating misunderstandings, guarding over the project goal.
  • Technology pioneer: being the one that is the first to jump in new technology, making sure it is well understood when onboarding the rest of the team.
  • Project pioneer: when your colleagues have difficulties on how to get started solving a challenge, helping to decompose it in understandable steps and kick-starting the development.

You bring us software engineering experience

  • A BSc or MSc in software engineering or a similar background through experience.
  • A passion for technology and a broad view on what is happening in the world. You are not afraid to learn something new, even if that “something new” would be C++ or Rust.
  • On the technology front:
    • Our projects are mostly done in Python and C++, some of them in Java/Scala/.NET.
    • Our software typically is built and runs on Linux using containers, using technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.
    • Networking is an aspect of almost every software project we do. A good understanding of how TCP/IP traffic works and is routed can make the difference between taking days or minutes to solve a problem. 
  • Experience doing design and troubleshooting on complex software projects. Prior experience as a lead developer is a plus.
  • A problem solving mindset.
  • Fluent communication in English, Dutch or French.

We offer you an interesting job in a modern company

  • Challenging problems that require your innovative thinking.
  • Cool projects where the software you write actually controls part of the world.
  • A friendly team to spar with and learn from.
  • Training to keep you up to date in your area of expertise and also to learn something about interesting stuff a bit further away.
  • A working environment where all of your talents are appreciated.
  • A lot of freedom to organize your work the way that suits you best.
  • The chance to get paid to do what you love to do.

We love to hear from you

Like what we do? And think we’re looking for you? Drop us a line and your CV at and we’ll invite you for a talk, either in real life or online, depending on where you are.

We typically have two interviews (sometimes three, depending on how well the first interviewers select colleagues for the second talk). You’ll talk to various people within Kapernikov (at least a partner, a senior software engineer and, in case you’re still more junior, a junior software engineer) to cover your questions on all aspects of the job too.