Data engineer with a sniff of DevOps

Published on: May 5, 2021

About Kapernikov

Kapernikov is a small consultancy team which aims to help clients get the most out of their data. The company was started by a small group of civil engineers who come from diverse backgrounds and have a passion for understanding and resolving problems as a common denominator. Most projects are done in small self-organizing teams.

Our customers are mainly companies that build and manage infrastructures (f.e. utilities) and industrial manufacturers. Here we apply our data expertise. The methods used range from data management, modelling, cleaning, validating or processing to advanced analytics and computer vision.

Your responsibility:

  • You extract and transform data from various sources and feed them into a target system. Where issues with the conversion come up, you implement cleansing or validation procedures. Based on the project, the tech stack will vary (often a mix of the customer’s and our own preferred technologies).
  • You do data engineering in a modern way. This means getting familiar with concepts like functional data engineering, DAGs, open source, big data technology, streaming approaches, etc. Where possible, the approach will also be DevOps oriented (modular container approach) with a focus on ease of development, deployability and reusability.
  • Problems are rarely solved by technology alone. You manage your projects in an agile way, close to the customer. You listen, analyze requests and evaluate the quality of the actual data. You provide guidance to the customer on how data could be better or more relevant.

Is it you we are looking for?

  • You have a masters degree in informatics/engineering (or equivalent experience). Or you are a bachelor with a first working experience. Even better: you can convince us with your code on GitHub.
  • You know your database stuff. SQL has few secrets for you. Pandas, Postgres and Oracle ring more than one bell. And you can surprise us with a lot more of that database-gobbledygook.
  • You are familiar with work/dataflow engines, f.e. Airflow, Prefect, Dagster or Talend. You appreciate the advantages of code and versioning over more GUI oriented approaches.
  • You have worked in a team that uses DevOps and are interested in this methodology.
  • You know how to deal with engineers, business users and managers alike. You speak French or Dutch fluently, and you can express yourself in the other national language.

What you can expect from us

  • A full-time job in a pleasant working environment. The Kapernikov HQ are close to Brussels Midi station and are a wonderful, informal place to collaborate. However, we often work at the customer’s site, which could be anywhere in Belgium (albeit most often around Brussels).
  • A competitive salary and many fringe benefits.
  • Education and training to perform your job well. We aim to get people up to date with modern technologies and provide time and budget to take courses or go to congresses. 
  • A vibrant atmosphere with room for new ideas, experimentation and cross-fertilization with other Kapernikov consultants.
  • Kapernikov is a self-organized company with sociocracy as philosophy, meaning decisions are taken and implemented by everyone as equals. We are not the classic organisation with a strict hierarchy. Our employees come first.

Getting excited already? 
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