Cloud native software architect

Published on: January 31, 2022

Your role

You will be working with our customers building production ready applications. You will help us bring a machine vision or data engineering project from proof of concept to production ready. In this, you will design and set up a scalable and future proof architecture, convince and teach our customers about it, and help eliminate (sometimes difficult) roadblocks.

One day you will be coding at home on your laptop, the next day your office could be the factory floor solving problems, and another day you will give a workshop for a customer. Of course, you don’t have to master all this on your first day with us, but we will do what we can to get you there.

You bring us software architecture experience

  • You are passionate about (open source) technology, whether you just graduated and you want to conquer the world, or you already have more experience than we do. You enjoy tinkering with cutting edge technology and help discover the hype of 2025. You have software architecture insights but you don’t want to spend (all) your days drawing visio diagrams.
  • But most of all, you want to make a difference. You enjoy discovering new worlds as we get to know new customers, and you like to dive into their universe and get to know what makes their business work.  When you do so, you can come with out of the box insights or suggestions (technical or not) , and that makes you proud.
  • We work a lot with Kubernetes, Python, C++, Git(Ops), and if you already know one of those then that’s great. But we are not going to put a list of required technologies here: we are looking for fast learners. If you have the proper theoretical background but you spent all your energy last year mastering something not in the above list, then let’s talk: you might be surprised what a little help from us can do.
  • In order to do this job well, we think you will need a computer science degree or something else (maybe a past job or even your secret hobby) that gives you the background in software architecture and design, networking and scalability/concurrency.
  • You know how to deal with engineers, business users and managers alike.
  • Fluent communication in English. Knowledge of Dutch and/or French is a plus.
  • You like action, and you think this text is already too long.

We offer you an interesting job in a modern company

  • A full-time job in a pleasant working environment where all of your talents are appreciated.
  • We have a coworking space close to Brussels Midi station which is a wonderful, informal place to collaborate. However, we often work at the customer’s site, which could be anywhere in Belgium (albeit most often around Brussels).
  • Challenging problems that require your innovative thinking. Cool projects where the software you write actually controls part of the world.
  • The chance to get paid to do what you love. We offer a competitive salary and many fringe benefits.
  • Education and training to perform your job well. We aim to get people up to date with modern technologies and provide time and budget to take courses or go to congresses. 
  • A lot of freedom to organize your work the way that suits you best.
  • A vibrant atmosphere with room for new ideas, experimentation and cross-fertilization with other Kapernikov consultants. We are a friendly team to spar with and learn from.
  • Kapernikov is a self-organized company with sociocracy as toolbox, meaning decisions are taken and implemented by everyone as equals. We are not the classic organisation with a strict hierarchy. Our employees come first.

We love to hear from you!

Like what we do? And think we’re looking for you? Drop us a line and your CV at and we’ll invite you for a talk, either in real life or online, depending on where you are.

We typically have two interviews (sometimes three, depending on how well the first interviewers select colleagues for the second talk). You’ll talk to various people within Kapernikov (at least a partner, a senior software engineer and, in case you’re still more junior, a junior software engineer) to cover your questions on all aspects of the job too.